4 Spiritual Facts

4 Spiritual Facts

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Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Facts?

This is the title of an old gospel booklet that has recently been revived and brought back into circulation thanks to the efforts of Evelyn Wilson of the Kilkenny Church and the computer expertise of Kaleb, a volunteer worker in the Cork Congegration.

This booklet is designed to help you to introduce friends and acquaintences to the basic concepts of the Gospel in a non-threatening way. A copy of this booklet can be downloaded and viewed on this website.

Hard copies of the booklet is available from Evelyn Wilson. Evelyn has recently ordered 40 000 copies of this little booklet. It is possible to order copies from her. They are available in batches of 1000. One batch costs €85 or £75. 

Do you think you could use this booklet, please leave a comment below and tell us how you could use it.

Published in the 16 June 2011 Issue


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