Praying for Rain - A guide book for United Prayer

Praying for Rain - A guide book for United Prayer

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Churches across the Irish Mission are gearing up for a period of 10 days of global prayer, which will take place between 4 and 14 January 2012. Various events will take place during this time ranging from prayer meetings at home, specially themed worship services, prayer vigils at our churches, and prayer breakfasts. Watch this space for more information!

Would you like to become fully involved in this Operation Global Rain? You can download a practical guide-book: Praying for Rain: A Mini-Handbook for United Prayer.

The guidbook contains answers for questions like: Why Pray for Rain? Why United Prayer? What is United Prayer?

The guidebook also explains how you can begin the practice of united prayer in your own life, and in your community.

It is filled with faith verses that can aid in prayer, as well as tips to prepare your heart, model reverence, allowing the Holy Spirit to Lead...


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