Recipe Corner 11

Recipe Corner 11

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Hi Everyone. Welcome to our Recipe Corner. Hope you are enjoying all those recipes we are sending you. Its winter time and at times you feel so cold that you want something to warm you up. We will be doing a few recipes on SOUPS.

I have a tasty soup recipe that I know you would enjoy. It’s one of my favourites from my cooking teacher Annemarie Freeman. Most of the recipes that I share with you are recipes from her cooking school and she was generous to allow me to share them with you.

Broccoli Cheese Soup


2 medium size potatoes diced

2 medium sizes carrots diced

1 large onion diced

360/1 head fresh broccoli diced

65g/1/2 cup whole raw cashews

250ml /1 cup boiling water

2 tsp salt


1. Boil the first items with enough water to cover them. Boil until tender.

2. Steam broccoli pieces and set aside.

3. Blend cashew nuts with I cup boiled water and add salt

4. Add the cooked potatoes and carrots to the blended cashew and blend again

5. Add steamed broccoli pieces into the blended mixture.

Serve as soup or over pasta or rice.

Published in the 19 Jan 2012 Issue


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