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  - Cork Seventh-day Adventist Church New Beginnings book store







  - Fiona McKee from the Belfast Church invites you to join the Seventh-day Adventist community in the virtual world of Second Life.







CJ Boiler Services. Colin Mckibben is based in Donaghcloney near Banbridge. As a registered OFTEC technician he offers services, repairs and installations for all oil fired boiler installations. He also specialises in Rayburn and Stanley stoves. He is able to provide this service across Northern Ireland. a 24 Hour Call out Service is availabe. No call out charge. Competitive rates. Phone: 07074662693. Visit his website for more information:





VIE at Home - Northern Ireland - Private Home Visits. Treat Your Feet! Amazing offer for only £25. Have your feet soaked, toe nails cut, hard skin removed & moisturised. Then an aromatherapy foot massage and nails painted! Call Lorraine on 077 48024048, Email: I am based in Larne, but can make home visits at most places in Northern Ireland.

Pen Friend Required - Delrae from Traralgon, Victoria, Australia wrote the the Irish Mission asking if we could advertise the fact that she would like to have a pen-friend. "I've just turned fifty and would like some friends abroad. I'm interested to meet those for whom God is everthing to them, the air they breathe. I would love to make friends with like minded Seventh-day Adventists."

Contact the web-admin if you would like to receive Dalrae's contact details and even a photo.