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Articles, Documents, Sermons, and Presentations that could help you in your walk as a Christian and a Leader


Evangelism Now and Then
A series of Bible studies on early Christian evangelism and what we can learn from Biblical history for today.
Based on a book with the same title by Michael Green.

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Gospel Booklet - Four Spiritual Facts
This little booklet is a helpful outreach tool to share the basics of the Christian Gospel with friends or strangers. It is the result of a project of the Kilkenny and Cork congregations.To see what it would look like, print this document on front and back of page.  Cut across horizontally to create small pages.  Assemble the booklet and apply 2 staples in the middle of the pages and fold pages into a small booklet.  On the back page, you notice space for a text book with your local address or details if interested.

Copies of this book can be ordered from Evelyn Wilson of the Kilkenny company. Cost: €85 / £75 for 1000 copies . Please contact her for more information.

    Celtic Church History
The history of Christianity in Ireland is a story filled with almost mythical romance, but also great courage in the face of hardship. Pastor David Foster, from the Welsh Mission of Seventh-day Adventists visited the famous sites of Celtic church history in 2010. On his travels around Ireland he took many pictures which he later compiled into an informative photographic essay. Perhaps it will inspire others to go on a similar journey of discovery around this beautiful country.
  The Revival Song / Light of My Life
A beautiful hymn written by a song writer's group in the British Union Conference in 2011. It became the theme song for all the camp meetings held in the British Union in 2011. Download words and lyrics here.