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Thank you for your interest in coming to camp meeting 2012!


Booking Information
Week-end Rates

The cost for one adult to attend camp meeting is €60. An adult is regarded as anybody who is 17 years old and above.

per adult
The cost for one child to attend camp meeting is €15. Each child in your group pays €15. This fee applies to anybody in the age range of 3 to 16 years.

per child

  • All prices include meals for the week-end. The first meal is Friday supper. The last meal is Monday lunch.
  • We assume that you will be bringing your own tent and camping equipment.
  • If you need the Irish Mission to provide a tent for you, you need to reserve a tent as well.
  • The fees are the same for people who choose to live off site. Please let us know at the time of booking that you plan to live off-site.

are available for hire at €15. Each tent is a basic 3-4 man tent. It would usually accommodate 2 adults, or up to 3 children. If you bring a family you may need to book two tents. You still need to bring your own sleeping bags and mattresses.

per tent

  Day Visitor Rates  

Sabbath Day Visitor:
Price includes Sabbath lunch
Children Under 6
: No Charge

per day visitor
  We request you to submit names of everybody that you are booking for. If you are booking for people under 18 you will be requested to include their ages. This information helps us to plan a better children and youth programme, and to make Camp Meeting a more personal experience.

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