Sabbath Time


Place: Londenderry, County Londenderry

Start: 08:54 PM, 04/26/2019

End: 08:56 PM, 04/27/2019

Place: Belfast, County Antrim

Start: 08:47 PM, 04/26/2019

End: 08:49 PM, 04/27/2019

Place: Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

Start: 08:53 PM, 04/26/2019

End: 08:55 PM, 04/27/2019

Place: Dublin

Start: 08:44 PM, 04/26/2019

End: 08:46 PM, 04/27/2019

Place: Galway

Start: 08:55 PM, 04/26/2019

End: 08:57 PM, 04/27/2019

Place: Cork

Start: 08:49 PM, 04/26/2019

End: 08:51 PM, 04/27/2019


Sabbath Sunset Times

In keeping with the principles outlined in the Bible Seventh-day Adventists observe the Sabbath from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, as a day of rest, worship, and ministry. Sunset times are dependent on both date and location and it is helpful for Adventists have an idea of when the sun is setting where they are. See the what we believe page for more information on what Adventists believe and practice.